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Hola, my name is Oyuki Thomas and I'm a full time Architect & tea lover. I was born in Mexico, Merida to be exact, and I had the pleasure of being raised in a historic Mayan land. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 and I had no real idea of just how cold the weather would be most of the year, especially compared to Mexico. Thanks to my friends, I started to drink a lot of tea because I would really need a hot beverage to keep me warm. Over the years I have found my passion in experimenting with different tea combinations and learning the flavor profiles, from a simple English breakfast tea, to something a bit more exciting like an Apple Pomegranate Rooiboos Tea.


This passion changed the way I would think about tea. It went from being a simple drink that kept me warm during the Fall and Winter months to something that I wanted to invest more of my time in and share the actual experience of drinking tea. I believe in my heart that I can bring something new to the world of tea. I've dreamed about crafting a unique tea brand infused with a spirit of innovation, making each tea with a different design and a unique story of its own such as an architect would do when creating a project. Ki’ tea was born on that premise and as a bonus I'm able to work with a talented Mexican company that specializes in artisan gourmet tea. Ki’ is a Mayan word inspired by my roots, it simply means delicious. I feel that one word is enough to summarize what this brand is focused on. I firmly believe that after you try a cup, you'll whole heartedly agree!


Ki' offers a broad but focused selection of tea and will continuously be adding to this selection as the seasons change. Always remember, there is always time for a cup of tea.

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